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Grow Room Controllers


Relay Box

Control Up to 8 High-Current Light Relays

Controls 2 seperate rooms

Add Auxiliary Outputs for HID Fans, Heating, or Cooling

Set Alarms for All Critical Data

Easily Connect to the Internet

Relay Box

The Black Wing controller connects to any one of our relay boxes to power your light ballasts. The controller has 8 individual timers with completely separate start and stop times, TTC (Time to Complete) counter, TTS (Time to Start) counter, and total bulb hours.

Relay Box

Multi-Function Output

Our controller does a lot more than just control your lights. Add the 8 output multi-function box and control vents, fans, heaters or air conditioning. You can even setup cycle timers, CO2 valves and generators or any device that needs 120 VAC control.

Relay Box

8 Channel Valve Controller

In addition to our multi-function unit we also provide an 8 channel irrigation controller. Individual outputs are controlled by the included irrigation timers providing 16 schedules per output.

Relay Box

In addition to all that control capability you also get multiple sensor inputs. The controller supports up to 2 "temperature/humidity combo" sensors, as well as 2 high-accuracy CO2 sensors.

Relay Box


Black-Ops Commander
Input Power 120 VAC Max Current Draw 1 Amp
Timers 8 Total Output Connection IEC320 C14
Number of Rooms 2 Sensors 4
Materials Polycarbonite Protection UL UL94V-0

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