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Our model DTH-HT tank heaters are designed to prevent heavy oils from getting to cold to pump or burn correctly.
Unlike TH heaters, these heaters consist of an outer draw tube, the tube that extends down into the tank to draw oil out by pumping from the top.  This model heats the oil in the draw tube so the first oil out is the warmest.  When the oil isn't being pumped it acts as a standard tank heater.

This model includes a heavy duty 100 watt heater, a check valve and filter screen.  These heaters can be made to most any length and are stock for 33 inch bench tanks.

Our filter heater is engineered specifically for heating fuel filters. These heavy duty silicone heaters wrap around most any fuel filter to deliver heat right to the side of the canister.

A large surface area provides even heat, and the fiberglass shell is safe to touch. No more burns!

Rollie Systems provides tank heaters for all types of waste and vegetable oil tanks. Since these materials are much thicker than either diesel or fuel oil, they become almost impossible to pump in cooler weather. Install one of these models to prevent your expensive investment from becoming too cold to use. Customers from Maine to Alaska are now using Rollie Waste Oil Heaters, even on mobile oil delivery trucks.

This model is used primarily for heating waste motor oil and vegetable oil. Rollie immersion heaters are built to length to accommodate most every tank used by waste oil tank manufacturers. To order you just need to specify the depth of your tank. Standard model is 120 VAC and draws approximately 3 amps. Weather proof housing and 8 foot cord are standard on all models. In addition, The heater element is positioned 90 degrees from vertical which allows the tank to be pumped down as low as possible while maintaining liquid over the heater.

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